Excerpt written by the Schwarz sisters

As sisters planning our upcoming weddings during the 2020 global pandemic, we struggled to nail down each of our bridal looks. We both envisioned a bridal ensemble with an emphasis on the veil. But after months of searching for that "showstopper" piece, even in one of the busiest bridal markets in the country, finding a "must-have" veil was the void we couldn't fill. 

With Alyssa's summer wedding fast approaching, we met up with the talented Tommaso Cardullo and his team based out of Italy to collaborate and create a custom, hand-made veil that would become the first veil in our collection. We worked to create an intricate, yet classical design using hand-cut, Chantilly French lace ombred down a cathedral-length veil - a cutting-edge twist on traditional English tulle. When the veil finally arrived from Italy just days before the wedding, it was exactly what we had sketched and dreamed up. The veil became a catalyst for our detailed veil design work.

Hannah's fall wedding was quick to follow. Wanting a dramatic chapel-length veil, we drew up plans for another ensemble piece with Tommaso, creating a split design, bordered with sequin floral appliqué. In tailoring these two memorable veils to our individual tastes, we saw a niche market in bridal that we couldn't turn away from.

Velo - meaning "veil" in Italian - was established to provide a sophisticated, months-in-the-making, original veil to encapsulate the moment you truly become a bride. Because bridal veils hold long-standing, symbolic meaning, we're passionate about following suit with customary veil tradition - something sacred must be veiled in order to conceal those outside from the power that lies beneath. At Velo, we're committed to bridging the gap between historical significance and modern elegance - pushing the boundaries of conventional veil styles - proving that the veil is more than an accessory; a veil completes the bridal look, not just the dress. 

We thank you for entrusting us with your bridal experience. 
With warmest congratulations, the Schwarz sisters